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A proud founding member of PACIFHAN (International Alliance of Patient Organisations for Chronic Intestinal Failure and Home Artificial Nutrition).

A new PNDU website is coming!

Watch this space.  We aim to launch our new website very soon!


The February-April 2017 edition of our newsletter, Dripline, is out now and available here or from our Dripline page.

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HPN Awareness Week 2016

For a wrap-up of the week, including lots of photos of sticker-wearers, the various hospitals that joined in, and the pharmacy tours, please see our August-October 2016 edition of Dripline.  

Homecare around the World

Interested to know what HPN is like in other countries?  This presentation was given by 3 HPNers at a 2015 PNDU social gathering, giving HPNer observations about living with HPN and the services received from the PN manufacturers and delivery/support services in  4 countries - Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA.

PNDU has registered as a not-for-profit incorporated association!  

Given our steadily growing numbers and growing activity, the Management Committee determined that it was appropriate and beneficial to move our community into a formal structure. Operating as an incorporated association will provide the organisation with a number of advantages, including importantly, the following:

  • provides an appropriate and transparent governance structure so that PNDU members, industry and the public are informed and can have confidence that the association operates fairly, responsibly and with accountability to its members.
  • PNDU Inc is a separate legal entity from its members and Management Committee which simplifies and clarifies the management and ownership of the money and other assets of the organisation
  • allows PNDU to apply for a much wider range of public and private funding. Many government and philanthropic organisations make it a basic requirement that applicants for funding are incorporated.
  • provides eligibility to apply for Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR), so that any donations to PNDU will be tax deductible for the donor.

PNDU Inc’s Objectives and Constitution is on our Documents page.

The Management Committee will continue to work together in the following roles:

  • President - Karen 
  • Vice-President - Gillian 
  • Secretary/Public Officer - Miranda 
  • Treasurer - Chris 
  • Assistant Treasurer - Gil 

We are very excited about this next phase for our group and look forward to progressing all our activities under PNDU Inc to support HPNers and carers in Australia and New Zealand.  I would also like to thank Miranda for her extended hard work to get us to this point, together with Renee's invaluable input.

Karen   July 2015

Let's go travelling!

PNDU's updated Travel Information Booklet has lots of helpful information for Aussie and Kiwi HPNers, carers and hospitals on how to plan and organise safe travel with HPN.  

Go to our Travel page to find out more, download a soft copy of the Booklet, or email us for a hard copy.

A bit about PNDU

Our mission at PNDU is to support, research and inform consumers, carers and providers of Parenteral Nutrition for Intestinal Failure.

We are a group of Australian and New Zealand consumers, parents, carers and professionals affected by Intestinal Failure requiring Intravenous (IV) nutritional support (Home Parenteral Nutrition or HPN). 

Please take a moment to become a member in order to enter the site and receive our free e-newsletter Dripline which is published quarterly.  Click here for the latest edition of Dripline.

And if you are an Aussie or Kiwi HPNer or carer and would like to take part in our private consumer/carer-only email forum and/or our closed Facebook group, please contact us with a brief history in relation to your Home Parenteral Nutrition.

Please Note:  This information is kept in strictest confidentiality.

Support PNDU

By making a donation to PNDU you are helping us support kids and adults in your community with Intestinal Failure who cannot survive by simply eating.  You are also helping to raise awareness of the complex life support therapy - Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN).  

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Thank you for your generosity.

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